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In this environment, healthcare providers face the dual challenge of wrapping their arms around the data they already have, while at the same time establishing an operational foundation to support the integration of exponentially growing volumes of new data in the future.
May 10, 2018    0
For healthcare providers operating in an increasingly competitive and demanding environment, leveraging technology to analyze data and gain contextualized insight represents the key to success, if...
Blockchain has plenty of other applications as well, particularly for supply chain management.
May 04, 2018    0
When you think about blockchain technology, you may picture cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. But blockchain has plenty of other applications as well, particularly for supply chain management. ...
Five common misunderstandings for companies as they set out on their journey for the first time.
Apr 28, 2018    0
Outsourcing or nearshoring IT experts can be commonplace for some companies. These companies will likely understand both the business and technical benefits that outsourcing teams can bring to a...
Apr 27, 2018    0
Mary Lacity’s and Leslie Willcocks’ joint research in progressive outsourcing approaches has helped companies navigating modern outsourcing for over two decades. Lacity, Curators...
There are growing questions as to whether RPA can deliver on the promised ROI and outcomes.
Apr 26, 2018    0
The rise of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is nothing short of spectacular. It has captivated the attention of digital operations executives with the promise of cost-savings beyond labor arbitrage...
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